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Switch, a Jersey based web design company. They commissioned EDP to help design their new office when they moved from their previous premises in 2017, that they had outgrown.


As a creative company themselves, the brief was to provide them with office space that reflected their company brand, as well as be a fun, creative and flexible space in which to work.

The hurdle EDP faced was carrying out the works whilst Switch were continuing to operate out of the new office. This therefore involved careful planning of works, and coordination of all the trades to ensure minimal disruption to the staff.


The office had previously been occupied by an Insurance company and was looking dated in style. EDP however successfully managed to retain much of the existing partitioning system by painting it together with the floor to give a completely new feel to the space, whilst also helping with the budget for the works. A new kitchen was installed as well as a living green wall to complete the relaxed look.