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Bracken Rothwell & Fairway Group



Due to the expansion of their company, Bracken Rothwell & Fairway Group had outgrown their existing offices and required new premises that would accommodate their evolving business needs, and allow the two businesses to operate cohesively together

Bracken Rothwell teamed up with EDP, who were currently involved with the refurbishment of ‘The Le Gallais Building’, in order to work with them as the anchor tenant for the building to provide bespoke new office accommodation to suit their cumulative needs.


The brief for EDP was to incorporate running the Cat B fit out works alongside the Cat A works for ‘The Le Gallais Building’, which was already on site, and work with the contractors involved to integrate both programmes of work to ensure that the two projects could run concurrently together to achieve the completion dates required.


The end result was slick, crisp modern accommodation that provided the open floor plan, and shared working environment the client required. As well as forming a centralized, flexible client suite that both the Accounts and Trust departments could use together, reflecting both their brands and aspirations.